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Trekking Grade

All our trips are graded from Easy to Strenous. Trip grading should be considered as a guide only; they are general indications considering relevant factors including length, conditions and altitude and are designed to give you an idea of the participation required on any given trip. Trips strenuous for some are quite easy for others. Pre-travel conditioning is very desirable as the more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy the trip.

Grade A (Easy Trek) :

This is a pleasant and easiest trek. You can walk at a relaxed pace rarely exceeding 6 hours an altitude from 1200 m. to 3000m. However, reasonable physical fitness and preparation is required.

Grade B (ModerateTrek):

You will walk 6 to 7 hours a day, reaching an altitude of 4000 meter and require good fitness level and pre trek training.

Grade C (Strenuous) :

It is comparatively harder trek. Some days are more strenuous walking up to 8 hours a day and reaching an altitude of 4000 meter to 5500 meter and having over 18 days of trek. A high level of Fitness is required.